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Speedo with kph reading for '95 xflow super-sprint and a pair of LHD 7" lights


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Dear low flyers,

Bit of an odd request but you never know on BC :)

I'm after a speedo unit with kmh/kph on it. It can have mph as well but mine does not have kmh unfortunately. It's also not reading properly...

Also looking for a pair of Left Hand Drive 7" headlamps - don't need the bowls just the sealed lens units with sidelight holes.

Please :) 

Many thanks,


PS if anyone has either of these in the Guildford area I could pick up as I am in the area for personal reasons for a couple of days (1st to 3rd Jan)


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Ian - thanks for that link. Ordered.

Jonathan - thanks...I am under a time constraint because my car passed everything for the Swiss 'MOT' and check/import saga. (12 months on...) except for these two items highlighted last week (but not previously....). One headlight has slight chip on lens whilst speedo has no mph markings but both of these went through the previous two 'checks' leading to this point.

I think they just want you to fail here....but I'll battle on! 

Thanks again - and happy new year!


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Hi Dave,

Happy new year to you and the family!  Failing the speedo being available, would a KM sticker overlay on your current clock be suitable?  Plenty available on eBay for a quick solution if its suitable for the test.




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