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Morris marina / ital brake cylinder size.

Nigel Riches

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Anyone know which rear brake cylinders where installed to marina or ital rear assemblies, fitted to a 1982 S3.

I have 3 different sizes found from searching t'internet,  15.75mm / 0.625", 17.78mm / 0.7" and 19.05mm / 0.75". 

Short of physically removing and measuring one I hope someone knowledgeable on these matters may know the answer.

Thanks for any assistance. 


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How does you current brake set up feel? Do the fronts lock a long way before the rears? Do the rear drums get hot?

My car ( live axle Ital ) was hugely over braked on the front, the rears where staying stone cold and not aiding any of the braking effort. Increasing the size of the rear slave cylinders helped the balance to a point.

If you're happy with the set up, I'd remove one and take it to the suppliers. There's plenty of factor outlets about that can supply the cylinders.

The larger sizes where used on the Estate version of the Ital.

The best solution to poor brake balance is a rear disc conversion. Ask for details if you're interested.


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Just out of interest I looked up the sizes in my Haynes manuals and report the following:

1.8 Mk1 & 2 1971/78.     .620in on early cars, .625in on later cars, .700in used as well.

1.3 1971/78. .70in on early cars. .620in on later cars and 7cwt van. .750in on later 7cwt van and all 10cwt vans.


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