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Duratec dry sump oil tank photo/question

Superwhite R283

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I need to install a Duratec dry sump triangular oil tank (metric chassis, rover K), I'm either going to see if caterham or Pace will sell the tank with the in/out feeds on the other side (drivers side) or get a fabricator (ie bride) to make one to the same size etc of the duratec one. one question one request:


Does/could someone take a picture inside the tank so i can see what baffles/air separators are installed
Does anyone know how close the tank fits to the chassis members, my front brake pipe crosses where the tank will sit, just trying to figure out if i have to relocate it, here is a pic



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Hi Darren, as it happens I have a Metric K series car in for chassis repair at the moment. I fitted a dry sump to it a couple of years ago. I used a Duratec dry sump tank and had it modified for a k series. I can take some pictures if it helps, it wont be for a few days though.


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Hi Mic, that would be amazing, a big help. Any pictures would be great, main areas of interest would be the oil pipe work to and from the tank, also catch tank and coolant expansion tank location/pipe work routes. Also how its fixed. Sorry for so many requests :o)


Cheers Darren daz00004@me.com

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