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stripping a car to go to arch


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After my little crash my car will probably need a rear basket and partial reskin, how stripped does it need to be for arch to do a rear basket / skin? Will they require it to have engine and box removed? 

Trying to decide if I can do this myself or if I should just get it dealt with by insurance.

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When I had a new rear skin and basket straightening, I stripped the fuel tank out, wings, fog/ reverse lights and that was more or less it.  Certainly not dedion, suspension and definitely not engine. We trailered it to Arch on its own wheels. But ask Arch and you'll have the definitive answer. 

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Hi Bob it all depends if it need to be jigged, mine went on the same jig it was built on, if you strip off the rear skin starting further to the rear than the weld you be able to make a better assessment if there's chassis damage. I've seen them at all different states and stages of rear end damage engines in, they where mostly track cars though. Bruce is your man 


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