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Rear end wiring block connector


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While my fuel tank is out I've been doing a bit of wiring tidying and connector checking. I've had a look at the horrid block connector that joins the rear left wiring to the rear right/ body wiring loom. I've got a couple of dubious looking wires in there that need re stripping and placing back in the block.  

Is there any alternative to the strip of nine block connectors that I have on  my car? It can't be standard, it's awful. What do other cars have there?  I have it cable tied to the front side of the fuel tank when it's all assembled. If there a weather seal plug I could use? 



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I've found an Econoseal connector that would probably do the job. Having slept on it, the block connector has worked for 20 years, so although it's not very pretty is does appear to work and be reasonably reliable.  Whilst I want to put Econoseal connectors on the car to get rid of spade and bullet connectors, it's probably something to leave until I one day rebuild the car and the wiring loom is removed fro the car. 


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