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Speed Championship 2016 - Your Championship Needs You....

Comp Scorer

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So as you know, it's my pleasurable burden to take on the mantel of Comp Sec from the 1st January 2016, I think Paul has done a great job with some difficult issues this past year but now is time to look ahead and work together to build on the existing team to support the championship. Whilst I know i'll not please everyone all the time, I hope to at least please everyone some of the time as we navigate our way through what is best for the championship, including both existing and new competitors.

Whilst the roles of the Comp Sec are many and varied, (and i'll be having some further education from Paul on the highly secret yellow trowel scoring system) there are some areas where help and assistance from some like minded volunteers could help the championship run smoother and help everyone. We already have a well established regulations team and I think this worked well this year and i hope those competitors involved will all be competing next season and will remain on the regulations team.

Novice Co-Ordinators

As you know Graham Howard & Paul Collins are running the introduction to sprinting this year, and Graham has agreed that it would be a good idea for them to be the Novice Co-Ordinators for the 2016 season. they will be calling on some competitors to help guide novices through there first few events as in previous years, as well as acting as a focal point on events to make sure that novices arn't left floundering.

Competitors Handbook

Do you have a flair for the artistic, and know your way around the venues, over the years we've kept a similar vein for the front half of the Competitors handbook, but it there is anyone will do either do new graphics for the maps, update the writeups including useful information about finding the venues, where to stay etc.... please let me know, any contribution welcome.

Curborough Events

When we come round to Curborough we need a Secretary of the Meeting, Club Stewards, Scoring Assistance, Commentator,  so if your not thinking of competing this year but are willing to help the championship & the club run the two events then please let me know.

Championship Promotion & Event Writeups.

So historically we've nobbled a few competitors to do event write ups for the Low Flying, how about a volunteer taking on the promotion of the championship, Curborough events & event write ups through LowFlying articles, website blog, facebook etc, either as Ray Snoates or under you own name :-) 

and finally if there is any areas you think you could assist, which I've not listed please feel free to drop me a line, i'm open to ideas.

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Hi Chris

Well done to you Sir.  Feel free to ask me anything you may want to and I will certainly try to help. I may be able to impart a little more information about who the L7C may need to be more forceful with for calendar dates etc.  Lets face it Paul was in at the deep end and has not had time to build those relationships.

Also I suggest you contact the MSA asap and find the best Training Seminar date and venue to suit you.  They only run every 2 years and your are lucky that they are planned for next year - I think I saw the list in the recent news letter.  Anyone else can also go along if they wish (not too many) and to different venues.  So Oli may like to attend for example given his putting his head above the parapet on the other thread.

Anyway best of luck and don't be afraid to ask. - or not *beer*

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