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K series garage clear out (wheels, windscreen, throttle and clutch cable)


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Just tidying my garage before the next Caterham, and I have the following for sale:


1. K Series Clutch Cable (new and unused) - £20 NOW £15 (postage included to GB) SOLD

2. K Series Throttle cable (new and unused) - £30 NOW £20 (postage included to GB) SOLD

3. Caterham SV windscreen unit - used, good condition apart from 2 x bullet type stone chips, both dealt with by auto-windscreens, neither in drivers field of view, but annoying enough for me to get a replacement screen via insurance earlier this year. Plus, the overall windscreen has a slight pebble-dash appearance, so this would be a good screen for track day use - £100 NOW £75 FINAL ITEM MUST GO REDUCED TO £50 ONO

4. 4 of 6J x 14 inch wheels in silver, from my 2003 K series - all KN Minator, in OK condition on the front face, but rough on the rear face. Would rather sell than refurb and then sell. they have Yoko A021 tyres that are on their wear bars, and pretty much at end of life, maybe another track day in them (all 185/60R14) -  SOLD!

Windscreen pick up from Loughborough/Leicester area, cable prices include postage in jiffy bags.

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