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Not down the path, but via Bluestone Beach or boat. You haven't been here for a long time.

Was in UK last week and spent 2 days in traffic jams going no whetre, at least we have no traffic, roundabouts or lights and no one to enforce limit.

My time up Torgis this year was 28.5secs top speed 105mph, GKCC have 2 sprints and one hill climb here each year. Second gear is good


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Ah, not exactly proper cars. The average age of a car must be 15 years old, most have green algae growing in places and at least a few dents.

We still dont have MOT's and most drivers do not signal and take up the middle of the road driving down the white line & why wouldd you give way at a junction

People tend to drive when they are a lot older here and the population is aging so it can cbe fum

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