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Finished stripping my chassis


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Accumulated race damage basically. The front has a 8mm twist in it which makes rake/corner weighting impossible to get right. Then this season I got hit from behind hard and required a Land Rover to get the car out for the race. There are lots of other knocks etc from a 12 year old race car. Rather than get a long front and rear basket and a repanel, decided just to refurbish the whole thing and get it painted.


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Then this season I got hit from behind hard

Strangely enough, my car acquired frontal damage around the same time. I wonder if there might be a connection? *redface* 

Having taken my engine out for the mega upgrade, I can see that a couple of the tubes are very slightly bent. I hope it won't be enough to require a long front - my rear basket's pretty knackered so that would put me in a similar position to you, and I really can't afford a new chassis.



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