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K series dry sump tank, kidney in metric chassis??

Superwhite R283

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Looks like the CC bellhousing tank won't work with a metric chassis so i need a remote tank, options seem to be:

1) pace easy-clean 6.5 inch tank (shortening passenger footwell, not sure the standard  cover plate fits a metric, looks different to me)

2) brise kidney tank in front of the engine.

I know from a weight perspective the pace is a little better and i would need to insulate the brise tank but is there any other reason not to go pace? Its just i don't ideally want to shorten the passenger footwell as my dad comes out with me and i test fitted him in with a dummy short footwell and its not ideal :0(


Also if people had an open choice, which is best/reliable etc pace pump or gold pump?

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I'd shorten the footwell and use the Pace tank.

My son is 6'2" with long legs and traveled to and from Le Mans in my car which is an S3 with a shortened footwell and didn't complain. The Pace tank puts the weight in the right place and was used by CC on an SLR/R400 race car that did 24 hours at the Nurburgring without issues as the bell tank capacity was thought to be a little marginal. 

I also doubt you'd need to lag the Brise but I wouldn't use it over the Pace.

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Neither !

I found Pace have hiked the price of the tank way beyond what can be considered reasonable so looked for an alternative and sourced one whilst I did Pat's rebuild from Ralloy, great quality and a very fair price, they will even put the bosses where you want them BSP or JIC fittings single or twin breathers, temp and drain bosses no problem.

Speak to Paula at Ralloy or BM for the details of the one I used.


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Don't the Duratecs have the dry sump tank occupying the same space as the Brise kidney tanks? They will be metric chassis and, on the assumption that a K-series chassis is the same, then that tank will fit. It's a Pace-made tank, which you can only buy through Caterham at a guess.

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