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VX HPC Nosecone wanted.

paul jacobs

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Does anyone have a Vauxhall 16v nose cone they want to sell?

Good condition or unused preferred, but any condition considered, as it will have to be painted.

BM me if you have such an item, but please note that, as far as I am aware, the Vauxhall engined cars have a slightly different nose to bonnet size than any other car.


PS.  No I haven't had a solid object interaction, thankfully, but the present one is a little tatty and I want to smarten the car up.

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Are you sure that the VX nosecone is different ? I've never seen one listed, or even heard of one. There have been nosecone changes but these were chassis specific rather than engine specific I think ...... 

This is what I have from an answer to a previous query (not relating to my car).

"The nose was updated in '91 for the new chassis and remained the same until around '02 when it was modified to fit more neatly around the later, lower suspension points. Although the suspension was modified in '96 the old nose was used for a few years, but the later nose can effectively be referred to as post '96 (my 1999 car has a pre '96 style nose).
The nose you will need is the "post '91, pre '96" version. Earlier (pre '91) nose had a shallow grill mounting, later (post '96) ones are deeper at the bottom with lower suspension cut-outs."

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Interesting info. Roger, thank you.  I will do some more research on this.  Btw, I don't suppose you would be interested in an unpainted bonnet with a cutout for an over the top exhaust system would you?   I'm unlikely to ever need it again, and there aren't many VX Sevens around now.  £25 if it is of interest?

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