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Has anyone fitted a Caterham dry sump bell housing to metric chassis? (Rover k)

Superwhite R283

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All is not lost! Why not ditch the bell tank for a standard bell housing and fit a remote tank elsewhere, eg sacrifice the end of the passenger foot well?

Advantages are: weight reduction, you can fit a remote tank with a decent capacity (bell tank is small) with good de-aeration (bell tank tower is narrow) and much easier to clean, use the standard clutch arm which is stronger, and then sell on the bell tank for decent money (std bellhousing is much cheaper and come available more frequently.) The only downside is the longer routing for the oil pipes.

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Have read about the down sides of the bell housing tank but would rather use it as it's such a tidy install. 


If it doesn't work (bell housing tank) does anyone know the dimensions of the pace easy clean tank, because the metric chassis has a fixed battery tray support so would only take a max 18cm ish dia tank?

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Engine is in, it's too close to work, only options is to maybe modify the pull out filter/bottom take off to have an elbow on it but really can't see that work :0(





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