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1B Tyre Update


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New thread so everyone will see it.

Its a long story that I won;t detail but suffice to say that early this afternoon we received confirmation that the ZZR was only going to be available for those specific cars sold with them fitted *rofl*

I then pointed this out to Avon who spoke to the MSA immediately and then reported back that that was not the case - the ZZR with the OE spec numbers will be available for anu and all vehicles of any make. = Its on the list.

This will be clarified by the MSA in a circular ( *boxedin* ) at some time in the future.

So I hope its all resolved but again the way things are proceeding please wait until you see this publication from the MSA before purchasing any tyres.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Further to a lot of background work by a number of people both within the Lotus 7 Club and other clubs and individuals we have received the following statement from the MSA

​Tyre List 1B Clarification

In the December Bulletin we highlighted an error in tyre list 1B where the specific OE fitment was missed from the Avon ZZR. That correction still stands however, in consultation with the tyre manufacturers and the Production Tyre Advisory Panel we have agreed to open up the use of these tyres to all vehicles, not just those models for which the tyre is the OE fitment.

Therefore for list 1B, the following tyres with the specific OE markings may be used by any vehicle where a list 1B tyre is permitted. Other models of these tyres without the specific OE markings will be considered as 1C tyres.

  • Avon ZZR - OE Fitments marked 15156 & 15157 only
  • Kumho Ecsta V700 (including V70A) - OE Fitments 215/40/17 only
  • Yokohama A048-R - OE Fitments marked LTS in sizes 195/50/15 & 225/45/17 only

So with regards to the Speed Championship, Avon ZZR's will only be accepted as List 1B if they comply with the specific marking detailed, all other ZZR's will be List 1C tyres

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Thanks very much for the clarification.

Did the MSA mention where they would be printing this statement or putting it on their website?

Given the twists and turns I want to laminate a copy of the clarification to store in my kitbag and highlight the relevant tyre markings in white tyre pen.

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i've been advised that the amendment was published to the Scrutineers in an article in their newsletter that went out on Friday, and the article will be reproduced in the next MSA newsletter which is sent out to all competitors clubs and officials.



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I would imagine that nobody gives a hoot about what numbers are on the tyres except for the all important grade of rubber.

It may have ZZR written on the side but if its in hard rubber what's the point?

I can only thank our team for keeping us informed and doing their best to keep up with this farce.

Jeff *banghead*

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Can I add to Jeff's thanks to those who have kept us up to date on the machinations of the MSA over 1b tyres

I seem to remember from earlier posts that the MSA was also due to pontificate on the Toyo 888R, any news on that front

I am sure that anyone from class 3 and above going to this years racing car show will want to talk to the various tyre manufacturers so unless looking to get the jump on the rest of us any info that can be fed back would be most welcome as if we all leave it to the last moment to order tyres you can bet your life there will be a shortage


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