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7" Sierra diff weights (open, ZF, Titan and Quaife ATB info so far)


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Does anyone know the above, please, to save me yanking out my diff just to put it on the bathroom scales? I had a look in the archives but couldn't find any concrete figures. I did hear that ZFs were quite heavy, but not sure by how much and relative to what other sorts of diff.

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Gerry (2GBR) kindly weighed one of his clutch of diffs (see what I did there?) and gave me the info last night on the ZF:

  • 7" Sierra diff with ZF and oil = 23.4kgs

And on my bathroom scales:

  • 7" Sierra diff with Titan and no oil = 21.8kgs

So not a great deal in it, especially when you consider one is dry and the other isn't.

Think I'll change the thread title in case anyone else searches for it in the future and if info on other types of diff appear. Anyone got an open diff, Quaife, Tran-X, 3J or other unit they can care to weigh and add to the list?

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I've just removed, drained and weighed my own ZF on the same bathroom scales and same location (hallway!) as when I weighed the Titan and I get:

  • 7" Sierra diff with ZF and no oil = 22.4kgs

So 600g between the ZF and the Titan, i.e. the square root of sod all. However, 600g is 0.6kg so...

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Cheers, Sean. Prop weights next. Weighed my standard prop at 3.8kgs. Will post up the weight of the upgraded one when I get it. Weight is secondary to strength as I don't fancy it flying apart! But the standard one has coped with everything I've thrown at it so far...

By the way, met up with Ammo just before Christmas for a festive curry. He's back around here for a little bit. Can't believe it's been 2 years since he began his travels!

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New prop is 5.1kgs. Doh! But it is built like a brick outhouse with upgraded and sealed UJs and a thicker tube, so it is going to take all the punishment that I'll ever be able to dish out. Cheers to Bailey Morris for amazing service.

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