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Ignition/Steering lock (sorted)

phil 01

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Yes I've considered it, one thing that worries me is what to do with the immobiliser fob and how to stop people turning the engine over if they manage to locate your ignition switch, what do most people use as the ignition switch, is it an aircraft type switch or some other method


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Yes, aircraft style switch is the way to go with a starter button. I should add that I also have a battery master switch. So starting procedure for me is; turn on master key, flip up ignition switch cover, flip up toggle switch, wave immobiliser fob over aerial/sensor (guess that depends on different types of immobiliser), press start button.

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Hello Nick  I finished her about July haven't drove her much though because I needed a hip replacement which I had done 2 weeks ago, just before I went in hospital I managed to lose my keys hence the search for an ignition switch, she is fast though, already terrified friends and family

see you soon phil

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