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Refurbishing Caterham throttle bodies


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After a little 'off roading' at the Curborough sprint in August, I filled the engine compartment with dust that got into the throttle bodies. At the time it coated the roller barrels and jammed them open but thanks to Mark D and a heap of brake cleaner, we got them working again. However, the recommendation was to get them stripped down over winter and cleaned out properly to avoid any problems next year. 

They are Caterham throttle bodies from circa 2003 ish that I gather we manufactured by Titan. I searched their website and then emailed a contact that was listed as someone who dealt with Caterham but I have not had any response. Does anyone have a contact at Titan or any other suggestions on someone who could strip down and clean my Throttle bodies?



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Mine are with Titan as we speak.

The contact there is Iain Holiday - iain.holiday@titan.uk.net

He quoted me this: "We do offer a rebuild service for these. This service costs £75 for the disassemble, inspect and reassemble. Any components that need to be changed will occur an additional charge."

Hope this helps you Jon.



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