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20 cm on my CSR ... size matters *biggrin*

They were fitted to the CSR along with the flat topped cycle wings to reduce front end lift by an apparent 50%. 

Probably you will only ever be the person to notice the difference but if you are like me it will always be a bit of a niggle, so I would be inclined to change them ... unless you want to be one up on everyone and buy the 20cm whiskas and then fit the 15 cm ones above ... could be  quite cool *thumb_up*

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My cats without whiskers would look odd. There is talk of smoothing the airflow around the front suspension. But I don't believe that, surely too far away? Would be fascinating to do some fluid dynamics on 'with' and 'without'. Is it wrong of me to like 'with' simply because all cats should have whiskers? Interestingly I have 3 real cats and the fatter ones have longer whiskers. Maybe aerodynamic efficiency at play in nature....hah hah. 

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Ozzy ... you could fit them with velcro and remove them before you clean your nose *idea*

I don't wish to get into a boring BC debate about it but as a previous poster pointed out they are probably only really effective at high speed ... but to some of us they just look aesthetically pleasing, just like all the other personalisations we make to our cars ... the classic one being the "go faster stripes" *biggrin*

The fact that they have been fitted to the 620R must surely indicate that they are of some performance value other than merely aesthetics but who knows apart from CC and who cares ... if you want to fit them for whatever reason then gof for it ... before the EU pass a law to ban them *rolleyes*

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