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What cam's for my 2.0L Zetec - thoughts?


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I have prepared a couple using Piper BP285 cams in combination with fully ported heads that have made well over 210BHP. Accommodating radical cams on such relatively small followers is a bit of a black art. You can machine the follower bores for larger diameter followers which will allow more lift and faster valve acceleration.


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I ran the Piper285's in mine for a few years and whilst mine was just over the 200 mark, it was a very nice cam. It was very tractable but pulled right up to the 7200 limit. I did swap the con rod bolts out for high spec bolts though - not sure you should keep them standard at much above 200bhp.

Are you running a Silvertop or Blacktop Zetec? I've still got my Silvertop 200hp head in the loft of the garage (but I've sold the cams)....  I've since gone for a big valve head and custom cams, steel rods and fordged pistons... hence it is my spare.

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Hi Phil, currently the car has the silver top fitted but i have a complete black top engine that I am looking to have fettled. Ideally I'd like to get to 220hp without bottom end work (piston pockets, steel rods etc) but ARP bolts would be fine. Maybe I'm being a bit too optimistic..?

What size exhaust primaries were/are you running? I've just had 1 3/4" ones made, hopefully that will be big enough.



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