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What exactly is modprod lite


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Just based from some offline discussion am keen to understand what we mean by 'modprod lite'

#1 Is it modprod rules except run on list 1c tyres - no need for reverse, MOT, Lights, mirrors, spare seat/harness


#2 Is it modprod rules, but car to run as if in a road legal class, MOT/TAX, lights, horn , spare seat/harness.  And do they have to function or is the car just have to have them fitted.  Reverse required?

or #3 something else...

personal preference is for #1



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OK so maybe after a nights sleep I can expand...

My understanding is that to run 1c tyres your car must conform to the MSA regs for modprod classes. 

However it was kind of discussed at the forum as the "ultimate road legal class"  if i am not mistaken  (or was that 5 *confused* )

So if it is to be "ultimate road legal"  should the car have to run in a road legal state (MOT, tax, working lights/horn, mirrors etc etc, but just have 1c tyres and conform to any other Modprod needs (FHR etc).

Or is it as Mark says Modprod rules with the only addendum to our regs of saying must run on 1c tyres.


PS also maybe we can write the class 6 regs to say any tyres from list 1a/1b/1c.  This would allow someone with a car without say an MOT to compete, yes they would need a FHR etc.... just a thought

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So what does that mean *confused*

Are we running to roadgoing regs, modprod regs or something else?

It would seem to suggest that it is Roadgoing however running 1C tyres and hence the items the MSA requires to run a car in Modprod (FHR etc), on top of the road going regs

​So it would suggest to me if this was the case Class 6 cars would need amongst other things:

  • MOT & TAX
  • working lights, mirrors and horn (yes i know day light running etc) and things to pass MOT
  • operational reverse
  • spare seat & Harness

but we would have to explicity state these items in our regs for the MSA approval...


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OK - so I talked with Paul via email, and it is more aligned to  #2 than #1 , so have all the road legal bits and tax/mot  but with the modprod needs fo FHR etc.  So more like Mark describes.

Of course until regs are final and approved nothing is set in stone...




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