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14" ZV3 replacement option?

Pete Underhill

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Reading the Avon article in last month's Lowflying, I gather the ZZS is being promoted as a good option for my '09 125 Roadsport. I'm currently happily on ZV3 'ditchfinders' and, even though they've failed to introduce me to any ditches yet, I'm thinking ahead to when I need to replace them. At the end of the article there's a list of sizes available and there are no 185/60/R14 for my minilites. Apart from the odd charity track gig, all of my Caterham driving is on the road. Do I need to replace the 14" minilites with 13" or seek an alternative tyre?

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I swapped from ZV3s to Uniroyal rain experts (via Yokohama a021r) and I've been very pleased with them for road use and the odd trackday. They're much better than ZV3s in the wet and wear much less than the 21s.



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