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considering the odd speed event in 2016

Stephen Long

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Where do I start? My last Sprint was 37 years ago 

Questions like do I need a Hans device will my current helmet be legal.

I have a 125 sigma what class would I be in 

Tyres ? 

I have upgraded the roll bar to FIA do I need to do anything else. 


Any advice much appreciated. Do I remember an event last year something along the lines of a get to know ...speed events or some such .






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Hi Stephen - probably a lot has changed in sprinting in the last 37 years, but in reality it is the same sport, just with a gazillion rules

I will try and answer your questions as best I can

1. Hans or FHR these are only compulsory if running in the "modified production" or higher classes.  Unless your 125 sigma is non-road legal or on slicks then no you don't

2. Helmet - is it the one from 37 years ago, then probably not.  Do you have any more detail.  I think the current regs state that it must be Snell 2010 or later, but could be wrong on that.

3. Sigma 125, so this is dependent on what tyres you have, however we are just discussing the regs for next year as there are big changes in tyre lists by the MSA, so wait and see but whatever there will be a good class for you.

4. FIA bar - must have the petty strut, and a sticker/certification on it i think

5. I am not sure if the intro to sprinting is happenning this year

Also the provisional calendar is out soon I guess, but typicall the clb run events at curb (which are a great place for a first event) are in Mid May and bank holiday august.


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  • Support Team

The regulations for next year haven't been settled yet so anything I say may be subject to change but I wouldn't expect it to be massively different.

A 125 Sigma would fit in class 2 or 3 depending on tyres (2 = List 1A and 3 = List 1B). The tyres thing may well change as the MSA have moved most of the current 1B into 1C which are not "road going". 

If it's an ex-academy car then it would be class 1 on List 1A tyres.

Current favoured list 1A are Yokohama A539. Favoured list 1B are Kumho V70A or Avon ZZR in supersoft compounds but these will move to 1C for 2016. I would wait until the 2016 regulations are published before deciding on tyres.

FIA bar is fine as long as you have the petty strut fitted.

Classes 1 -3 fall within the MSA "Road going" class and therefore HANS is not required.

Helmet will need to meet one of: FIA 8860-2004, FIA 8860-2010, SNELL SA2010, SNELL SA2005. (Not valid after 31/12/2018), SNELL SAH2010, SFI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2A. (Not valid after 31.12.2018).

2015 MSA Blue Book has all the details but there may be some changes for next year.

The last introduction to sprinting day was 2014 so there may well be one in 2016 - normally around April time.

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Excellent, it'll be good to see you again.

As above, but I think a Sigma fits in to Class 1 doesn't it? If you go to Comp Corner you'll see information down the left hand side, including the intro to sprinting slides.  You can also see the regs that applied this season, although they are subject to change.  It'll be best to wait until the regs are finalised to see what's what.


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What speed gearbox and tyres are currently fitted to your Sigma.

A few things have changed since you last competed including the need for an approved racesuit (Proban is no longer permitted) and for approved gloves.  The man with the red flag no longer walks in front of the car and now just waves it, if you take to the grass *biggrin* *byebye*

The club may run an Intro to Sprinting Day next year and it will be good to see you *thumbup*

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Hi Oli *bounce*

Some very interesting things to think about . 


My caterham is a bog standard 125 sigma still on its original ZV3's on 14" rims

I assume I will be able to detach the petty strut when not in use and when removed won't unduly affect the passengers comfort ? I am also going to assume a petty strut is available as an addition to the FIA bar I purchased this year ?

 I have an ARI full face helmet from my motorcycle days I guess I need to check the labelling. Do I really need fireproof overalls and fire proof gloves ?

I am starting to feel like Burt Munroe ... 


I am thinking I could use my 13" rims currently with worn AO21's and use the current favourite tyre when we know what that is to be. 

Do I have to have a cut off switch or can I label up the ignition, so I need a fire extinguisher? 

I am also guessing a standard rac  speed licenceis ok and  no medical required ? 

Anything you guys have missed out ?


All your responses with these questions are much appreciated. 


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There is some useful information in Competitors Area including presentations from the last Intro nto Sprinting Day. However, be careful with the helmet standards as some are no longer valid i.e Snell 2000. I doubt your motorbike helmet will comply but certainly worth checking.

The Petty Strut can be removed after an event and it bolts to the chassis using a boss hidden behind the sideskin so there is no impact to passengers when not in use. The petty strut is available from Caterham, Redline etc.

You do need fireproof overalls and gloves but not a fire extinguisher. The standard ignition key is sufficent but you will need a label on the dash.

IIRC the petty strut and/or the FIA Bar should already have a label attached.

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