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VX 2.0 HPC - engine bits and pieces


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I need to do a few jobs on the engine of my 97 HPC - new timing belt and tensioner, new sump gasket & seals, etc.  Anyone able to advise whether I should go to GM (as I've done before) or some other supplier?

Also - how do I find the spec of the Caterham unique parts - eg, oil filter, alternator belt.  Call to Caterham? (Maybe stating the obvious..!)

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Would add QED Motorsport to list of suppliers, handy website, search under c20xe, and helpful if need advice.

As mentioned there a 2 types of timing belt, round tooth type for earlier engine block and square tooth type for later, would suggest from age of yours that it will be later square tooth type. But when i pulled my engine out last month found it to be a mix and match with earlier coscast head and later block, so as well to pull cambelt cover and take a look - SBD guide here -. Would recommend that repalce water pump and pulleys while about it, especially if don't know when last done, can purchase a cam belt kit which has everything you need.

QED provide stuff like filters, belts and gaskets too but worth making note of part numbers as remove them and keep a record for next time, most can be sourced through local motor factors just stick with reputable brands.

Good luck.

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Note that the tensioner and idler are different for the LN (square toothed belt) from the earlier round tooth type.  SBD also a good source of expertise, parts and info.  You're unlikely to find an original metal impeller water pump now and will almost certainly have to settle for a plastic version.

The most important thing with this engine, assuming you have wet sump, is regularly (frequently!) to change the foam baffle in the sump.  Modern synthetic oil destroys them very quickly and they become clogged and break up.  You have to remove the sump but it can save you a lot of angst later as you see the oil pressure dropping on bends.  Redline or CC should be able to supply the baffle.


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