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Any recommendation for Tyre fitting near Fareham


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I have a spare set of CR500' I need to get fitted.  Can anyone recommend a good place to get them swapped over and balanced near Fareham?  

Also I seem to recall that if yo ucan get them done at ~ £10 / Corner thats not bad value - is that about right ?


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With regard to getting tyres fitted I would like to warn members of getting them fitted at a Halfords Autocentre.I recently had some tyres fitted to my tintop at Halfords in Gloucester,not a pleasant experience.On picking up my car the tyres and wheels were covered in tyre soap but worse than that they had chipped a spoke and the rim on my 18" alloy.On pointing this out to them they did not want to know saying it must have been like that before.After a heated argument with them and getting nowhere I had no option but to leave.I eventually got in touch with their customer services team and after sending them emails and photos. of the damage they admitted liability.To be fair they did pay for the wheel to be repaired but did not compensate me for the time and expense I incurred in getting it done.So all in all I would urge caution in who you get to fit your tyres.PS does anyone know a trustworthy tyre fitter in the Gloucester area.

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