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[PROV. SOLD] 4x 300cc/min (30lb/hr) Bosch/Ford Motorsport injectors


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***Provisionally sold pending return from cleaning and testing***

I have a set of fairly big injectors for sale. They were originally in my 150bhp K-series, then fuelled the 200bhp engine with ease and now I'm selling them, 'cos I'm an idiot like that.

They are Bosch 0280150945, also branded as Ford Motorsport F1SE-9A, as can be seen from the pictures. They are 300cc/min @ 3 bar (not as big as R500K 0280155868 380cc/min squirters) and can fuel, in theory, at least 240bhp, probably more, especially if you up the pressure. I didn't note the injector duty when I last ran up the 200bhp engine before pulling it apart unfortunately.

They've always lived in my Jenveys with a Jenvey fuel rail, but I think you will be able to fit them into a standard fuel rail as well, as they are dimensionally the same and use the same Jetronic/Minitimer connector. Obviously, you will need programmable management, otherwise your engine will overfuel horribly, your local petrol station will empty more often and a swift exit will be made in a ball of flames.

I will be taking them for an ultrasonic bath and spray check in an ASNU machine next week, just in case of any issues (there shouldn't be any) and for peace of mind for both myself and their new owner. Once they are back, they can be given/sent for someone's winter upgrade.

Pictures below:


Asking price is £100.

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Well worth doing in my opinion, especially as my injectors have never been cleaned or checked. They are just like any other component of our toy cars; some TLC and maintenance once in a while is a good idea. I just want them in tip top condition for the next owner/user. Prices vary, but if you want me to get yours done by my guy at the same time, send them down to me before the weekend.

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