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Emerald final set up, anyones thoughts?

Superwhite R283

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Just installed a DVA K04 kit (1320 cams, verniers, jenveys, air box) to my EU3 1.6k, dave supplied a base map but it appears to be blank (its the older file formate), just tried another (wrong) map (thanks LOADs Mankee) and it runs, albeit not very well lol. So if anyone has a map similar (even BP270 or 633 cams, even 1.8 etc) i would love to try it…..


Cheers Darren

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Hi Mankee

Fuel pressure remained as standard and not sure on the injectors but it would have been what Dave Andrews would have fitted. Not sure if we upgraded to the cream ones at this stage of tune, pehaps if he is reading this he could comment.

My records show

DVA K04 Upgrade

Powerspeed 4-2-1

Jenvey direct to head throttle bodies

Emerald K6 ECU

Vernier Pulleys

1320 Piper Cams

Bernard Scouse Air Box

Mapping Session -151bhp 125ftlbs

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Be very careful about using maps where you don't know which injectors were used, if they are not the same as yours you could do irreparable damage to the engine.

The maps I supply are titled with the injector type and size and these should agree with the injectors that you tell me you have.

if you are unsure, then get it over here and I will install the correct map, don't risk your engine.

The Emerald software allows to to import maps of the older format as well, you just need to tell it that in the load map dialogue box.

Ensure your configuration matches the coil types fitted , either single with distributor cap or twin coil.


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Hi Oily


I will get the car RR, won't be driving it at all, just want to have it running before hand. The maps you sent seem to be empty in the injector correction sections etc. Martyn's map (Same size engine, same EU, same exhaust, same cams and also Jenveys) is using fawn injectors (the RR chaps marked it within the data) I have both black and cream (I assume fawn) injectors here, the car runs with Martyn's map (and my cream injectors) but just won't idle, so must be something I'm missing, back to check I've set the idle correctly :0)


cheers Darren 

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Quick update, cars running perfectly, just playing around with the idle now :o)


Cant quite sort the 5kg/hr  per trumpet and the lambda, but still learning how to use the emerald software, but car idles real well so more than happy. 


Thanks to all that have helped (Skeetsy for the cam timing and constant assistance, mankee/grubbster for advice, Tony for the cam timing brackets, Dave (oily) for constant advice and loads of others for help along the way) and SWMBO for being so patient

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Thought i would post a picture of my final live adjustment screen for peoples thoughts on the set up. car idle and revs well, i have 4kg/hr on each cylinder. also included a very short video. Im going to get the car RR set up before i use it for any real time (post christmas, once I've install the dry sump).





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  • 5 months later...

Thought I would update this thread just in case anyone searches in the future.

Went to JKM in Portsmouth for a day rolling road session/set up (9am-2pm), highly recommend them, Jim knows his stuff (set up 100s k series) and JKM has a top set up. Anyway, tried the emerald variable length trumpets and my engine slightly preferred them on their shortest setting (approx 75mm), but not much in it (did leave me wondering if real short ones would be even better).

Also tried the Bernard Scouse Air Box vs air filter (ITG) and the box lost about 5BHP and similar torque. So making a back plate that will take both and I will run with the filter unless I have any noise issues (induction).


Here is the best result (Very happy bunny): here here 



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