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Where can I get my old heater steel housing made out of Ali??


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I have access to laser and water jet if anyone ever needs it, at industrial rates. It's surprisingly cheap. We have allsorts done up to 25 mm thick. Lasering the airbox wouldn't be hard if you can draw it, but you still need to fold it and weld it up. Cheers, Ed
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Ed: I've often thought that a lot us would buy battery carriers (boxes with cut outs in the sides) if they could be made economically to fit the different sizes. Sheet aluminium, either a different pattern for each size or a single pattern that could be folded in different ways. Maybe a club logo if you're using computer-controlled cutting.



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Hi Craig, You talkin about me 😬

If you can get a cad file done somehow it would be a lot easyer to do,and i can get it cut no problem in Stainless or Titanium, not Ally.

let me know if thats poss, if not i will have to get hold of an old heater case and have a look to see what is involved.

Regards Richard

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Just been alerted to this thread. I was going to fashion a carbon box to lighten the heater but Ti would be so much better if I could join the party.


I was also planning to replace the big tall heavy blower motor with a slim line spal fan to save more weight.





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