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Vbox files for Brands Hatch

Northern Banana

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Do any racers , ex-racers, instructors have a Vbox lap of an Academy car for brands Hatch Indy that they could get to me?


Rumours are that 58-59 seconds should be the target.


Its 15 years since I last went to Brands and I can't get down before the next race.



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No VBox files in Academy spec, but we did race there in our Academy year (as indeed, has every Academy since). Looking at TSL, I note the following, from my year:


I qualified in 57.682 (pole was 57.542 - I was 2nd)

My fastest lap in the race was 57.910 (fastest was 57.424 - I was 3rd)

I finished 7th, 13.2s down, having spun twice ☹️


I learnt more about racing that day than any other day in my life. I made a lot of mistakes in the race that while I still make mistakes, I haven't made those ones again in over 65 further races ...



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56.724 for Pat Gormley in our Academy year (2004). Shows the vast superiority of the K series (though I won't mention my time).


Times will presumably be slower this year as people will have to stay within the lines at Paddock and Graham Hill. Paddock shouldn't make much difference but there's a bit to be had at Graham Hill.

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Oh bit quicker than I thought. I've found a Ben Clucas lap last yearon You Tube at 55'30, but with track limits as Roger says it will be a bit slower.


Thanks Jez - the top step is a nice place to be.


I'd like to tell you it was all down to a last lap 90mph overtake around the outside at Gracelands in the wet - but the truth is I only just got onto the 2nd row, made a place off the start and my main championship contender threw himself off at the first hairpin on the first lap. I was off and managed to pull out a 5-6 second lead. They red flagged the race though after 11 mins due to a 2 car incident at the final chicane which blocked the track...so I still need to experience taking the chequered flag.


Only 1 point in it but to say I'm rusty at Brands would be an understatement.

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