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Whats it worth


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I'm thinking about selling my 2005 Roadsport, but don't really know what it is worth.


Factory built ballistic orange, used for 1 year in the Super Grad series, then the odd weekend and 2 track days.

1.6 k series 8500 miles, forged pistons, still minister sealed around 125BHP, 5 speed, shift lights, triple pass radiator, PRT thermostat, dedion, black pack, FIA roll bar, tillet seats, lowered drivers floor, 5 speed, 6 point driver, 4 point passenger harness, removable wheel, brake bias, 8 spoke wheels, full weather kit.


Cosmetic condition is 'O.K', few scratches and scrapes but nothing major. Only damage is a crack in the off side rear wheel arch.


Obviously might be tricky without pictures, but what ball park am I looking at?

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FIA roll bar? Has the cage been removed then?


If it still had the cage, it would probably fetch around £9000 - £9500 as a potential Supergrad race car (buyer would presumably need to replace belts and extinguisher)P. Without a cage it's not usable as a race car.

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No cage, it is not a racer any more. I was a standard roadsport, converted to race spec in 2006, just one season as a racer in 2007 followed by an engine rebuilt (might have just been top end) re paneling and respray.


Just road duties (and 2 track days) since then.

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Purely cosmetic. The previous owner was a 'polisher', and wanted it to look perfect.


Never been crashed, if that's what you are implying?

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Quoting AntonyH: 
I'd have thought rather more than £9.5k, unless I'm missing something?


If it's road-registered, from 2005 and a mere 8,500 miles...


Sevens & Classics are for example asking £15k for this 1996 Roadsport 1.4k, 128bhp, 14,600 miles


I'm not a valuation expert, just going on other cars I've seen for sale.


Cant compare to that car as its a) quite rare and b) has 6 speed and some carbon.


But 2003/4/5 Roadsports from the S/Grads change hands for the £10k upwards mark. A minter with engine / box rebuild - clean and tidy might be £3k more than that.



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