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wet knee


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I have a LHD SV Roadsport which has always leaked in heavy rain on to my L knee ( everyone else's passenger side)

Recently I siliconed the small grommet where the windscreen heater wire enters the scuttle and it appears to have cured the problem.

I was wondering if anyone else had come across this problem?


Pete: *smile*

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Hi Peter- did you remove the windscreen to silicone the heater wire or do it from inside the car?

If your wire goes through the scuttle in the normal place then the only way water would get in is under the windsreen rubber-- that's if your sure that's where it's coming from?


( got back ok then?)

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You can also check where the scuttle firewall fits into the groove on the horizontal panel (the flat panel the heater/ECU sits on).


There is often a gap on the left-side where water can get in.


Just re-fill the join with silicon sealant, if needed.

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Thanks to you both for your thoughts. No real rain forecast for this week so I may have to wait a little longer to be sure its cured, but it seems to have withstood the hosepipe! Incidentally I didn't remove the screen. See you at Weld tomorrow Jon

Best wishes


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