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Versailles today

rob spencer

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I was just walking up to the Palace of Versailles this morning and a lovely Seven came up the hill and crossed just in front of us walking into the palace side gate. Even my wife recognised the sound before it got to us.


R400 DUO was the car *smile*


Our Superlight was parked back at the hotel in the town.


The 2 hour wait to get into the palace was long but just about worth it. Did you join the queue DUO?



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Rob, we took a certain 7 that you might be familiar with to the Palace of Versailles last September. We parked up on the car park outside the main gates - got a lot of attention 😬


Here is the car on the same trip at Château de Sully, just outside Bayeux -




Thought that the Palace itself was so-so, but the gardens were really stunning 🥰

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It's lovely to see that the old girl is being treated well and is looking well. Thanks for that *thumbup*


I think the gardens are fabulous. and i know what you mean about the palace but it really is very very impressive *cool*; its having to join the back of a thousand people queue, and then when you do get inside it really was too busy/crowded (or it was on yesterday) for my liking. Very happy to have done it though and would recommend it to anyone. . . but maybe not on a public holiday weekend (Bastille Day today)

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Rob - It was I you spotted at Versailles that Sunday. The start of our 2-week trip to the south of France and Spain.


We spent most of the day in the gardens and did the palace late in the afternoon. Still a 1 1/2 hour wait though. 😔


Thanks for the spot !

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