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Go Pro


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I have a Hero 3 Black which I've used once.


There are loads of accessories with it also, mounts, cases, battery, remote, etc.


I'll dig it out tonight and take pics.


I now have a Racelogic VBox so the GoPro is now redundant.

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Here's a pic of most of it.


GoPro Hero 3 Black

3 batteries, one a long life jobbie

Remote control

64gb superfast SD card

2 roll cage mounts

Wall charger

Waterproof case

Soundproof case

Normal case

Sticky curved helmet mount

Sticky flat surface mount

Bespoke carry case


This lot has been used just the once, annoyingly, the VBOX popped up so I bought that.


I recall this lot adding up to nearly £600 last year.






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Quoting Z3MCJez: 
The vbox cameras are not brilliant before you disown the GoPro ...




Good enough for my requirements. It's more the logging features I desire anyway.


The quality of the GoPro is very high indeed. Below is a still from Oulton Park.



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Quoting James.S: 


X2....Go pro or if you want data Stack DVR.


We ran a dozen or so and always had units down with issues. They aren't sealed properly.


I'll upgrade to the Stack solution next year *smile*


The used VBOX only cost £700 so it'll do for the time being. Once I've stopped haemorrhaging money on the RiF car build, I'll recuperate financially over winter and perform the choice upgrades in time for the track day season.

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Quoting Ian B: 
I'll offer you £1 more than Wile7 😬 *wink*



He offered me £500. 😬


I'll gladly except £501 so consider that sold!! Congratulations. I accept cash and bank transfer :)

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