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Germany vs Argentina


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We are travelling through Germany and the hotel we are staying in has closed the bar. ☹️ We are a drive out of the town, so my plan of watching the game surrounded by happy/sad Germans has been truly scuppered. 😔


Given the number of flags and painted faces all day, I'm sure there is a great atmosphere in Germany. Just not here....

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Quoting Tony Whitley: 
Another marvellous ref - Argentina kick everything that moves but he only manages to book two Germans *rolleyes*
Perhaps, as Lawrenson pointed out, that is the downfall of the Germans for crying wolf so many times. Whilst there were clearly some offences committed, the Germans are just as good at committing them and better at exaggerating or fabricating offences committed against them (though they may come second in that to the Dutch).
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I'm in Germany at the moment, you'd have thought the RAF appeared again with the amount of noise and fireworks last night *tongue*
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