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Wiper and Washer fitting


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Hi All,


I've just picked up my first 7, amazing and built by a friend and his daughters. He had an aeroscreen fitted and while its definitely a better drive that way i've decided that its impossible to do a UK commute and get home in the dry, particularly when the A1 is involved...


So... I've had the weather gear delivered, but the washer and wipers werent fitted in the original build. The holes are in the scuttle but I cant find reference to instructions on how to fit the washer and wiper (motors etc) anywhere. Has anyone done it? what do i need? any tips/do's and don'ts?


From looking online i've found two key gotchas already (am sure there are more):

1. The washer bracket needs to be fitted before the engine... (slight problem there... are there alternatives)

2. The wiper assembly needs bending but how much and where?


Other questions, how is the wiper assembly fitted to the car (what holds it in the right place?)


Any tips gratefully received! Apologies if i've missed a post that covers all this (if you could point me in the right direction i'd be grateful).


Have fun and enjoy the wonderful British weather!



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Under the scuttle on the LHS there is a plate with 2 oval holes, the wiper motor sits on top of that, you have a U bracket upside down to hold the engine and a rubber pad to go under the motor. Be aware that there are also a number of earth wires using the same bolts. The tube for the Bowden cable is bent to suit.

The washer bottle can be placed about anywhere you have the space, if you want to place it besides the engine you best have a 90 degree drill bit

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