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Hi there.


Only home for a day or so this time round, and the '7' is back on stands to get some post build TLC.


When it is back on its own 4 legs, will be in touch.


Where is the local club meetings etc held?



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Welcome to the fold,


you might of seen us out and about through the doncaster area, were a Red & Ali and were near you at Darfield,


next YoSDeNS meeting is on Thursday 31st August at the lady Bower, and several BST blattings on Sundays, this morning a number are off to Millwood BBQ.


If your on Facebook cheque out our group page here where we do post up routes and other info.

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Quoting C7HJE: 
Hi to all.


Have just registered as a member, after getting my '7' back from IVA and registration. *smile*


Anybody in the Doncaster area to say hi to?


Al the best.




Hi and welcome!




As Chris (CaterBram) says, you'll be very welcome at our meetings and blats; same will doubtless apply of any of the other area meetings you might choose to visit.


You'll have been signed up to one area's mailing list automatically as a default; depending on your outcode (first part of postcode) that might be the YoSDeNS (Yorkshire, South & Derbyshire, North) (DN1 - DN7, DN11, DN12), or it could be Lincolnshire or one of the other Yorkshire areas; however you can opt in to as many area mailing lists as you wish - just like you can visit as many area meetings as you want.


Mailing lists to check and choose from are here:


http://www.lotussevenclub.com/AreaMeetings/AreaMeetingMailingLists.aspx - you'll need to register on the site if you haven't already.




Hope to see you at a meeting or on a blat, or both, soon!


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Just managed to register for the Yorkshire, South .................. Group. (With apologies to the Lincs people that DN9 falls within) *wink*


Sadly, away for the Black Sheep Blat. But looking forward to meeting you all in the near future.





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