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john g

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It depends on where the play is.

If it's in the bush that attaches the suspension you can get a kit of parts to sort it out, however if the freedom is between the bronze housing and the bottom of the upright you will probably need a new trunnion.

Be aware they are handed, L & R, if you get new ones, seal the joint on the bottom, where the steel plate is installed with some loctite, not sure which one, but I used wicking grade.

Fill the thing with gearbox oil, rather than grease.

Plenty on B.C. about trunnions.

Have fun.


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Make sure you do actually have play. If they don't have enough grease in it may feel like some play. I always pre grease mine prior to an MOT and that's after 28 years of having cars with Triumph Spitfire suspension.

Good luck



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Sorry to tell you that, but the trunnions are somewhere dangerous especially if you use sticky tyre or wheels bigger than 13".


I know I broke one and it was full of EP 90 oil as requested.



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Update, little odd this ....... I assumed wear in the trunnion due to a 1000 mile round trip to the LMC, when cleaning the car I noticed a drop of oil, from the trunnion, on the tyre. I rocked the wheel at 12 & 6 o'clock and felt play and could here a knock/tap noise. Today I've investigated further, wheel off the ground, rock the wheel at 12 & 6 o'clock and yeah, there is play but I can't identify whether it's the trunnion, top link ball joint or top link to chassis bush. There is no play at 9 & 3 o'clock and just to make sure I've ensured the bearing is 'tightened' correctly. I've had a piece of wood under the tyre and used it as a lever to try and exaggerate the play but can't feel or determine where the 'play' is. Anyone any ideas?
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