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Which exhaust, Zetec

Peter Mears

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My zetec car was converted using the original silencer from the Xflow, although the can is a larger vauxhall race 7" that I used to kill some of the noise.


The car is now popping and banging and I think the can is pretty much shot.( sounds hollow)


Can anyone recommend a replacement can the will fit but be a bit better. The front pipe on the silencer is angled not straight. The system is 4 into 1 and I only want to change the silencer at this point.


Thanks Pete

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So just as an update and for info for anyone else with this original conversion.


The 7' cans that Caterham sell are now 2 1/4" inlet where as mine is only a 2' , this was so as to use the original Xflow box.


After chatting with JW I have decided to get the can from Caterham and use an expansion piece between the collector and silencer. This keeps thing standard and a local exhaust guy will expand a bit of pipe and either weld or clamp.

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