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Arnie v Oily ...

SLR No.77

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why do people argue with Oily *confused* over k issues , "I think mines is fine" well have you tried another one?


I went 4-2-1 after talking to Dave and the car is just more tractable and that's a stock 1600 Supersport.


As for it faster over 120 , that must be great on a few track day straights 😬

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The Ever Fatuous Arse arguing . Who would have thunk it . What next he will agree that all rollers are accurate and that well Vx is just as good as K


Pity most Duratec engine run more than K2 RUM ever pretended to

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292 and 301 could simply be the time of day. Rolling road it on a cool damp morning and the air is denser so your power readings tend to be higher. At least that's what my old rolling road operator used to tell me. Ie 292 on a sunny afternoon would be 301 on a cold morning. Ideal if you are selling the car, of for bragging rights.
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