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Ruski air manoeuvrability !

Alan Reeves

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There is a whole new category of manoeuvres made possible by very high thrust to weight ratios, thrust vectoring, and computerised control. I don't know if inherent instability is part of that package but the combination of that with computerised control is now common in high performance military aircraft.



Pugachev's Cobra, which was the first time I ever saw anything like this.


Model aircraft can do something similar, and there are links to some videos in the archives. But I think these only use very high thrust to weight and the human controller supplies all the control: is that right?



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Quoting angus&tessa: 
😬 😬 - it is 100% RC planes - or I believe there are edits of real and RC, with 'real' sounds added....


Not quite. The initial sequence is definitely of radio controlled models. Later on the images switch to actual Sukhoi aircraft - which are indeed very manoueverable - but not exactly "new". I first saw these Sukhois perform 24 years ago.


The images of the Sukhoi could very well be from a Paris air show. However, it is correct that Paris is held only on the "odd" years - alternating with Farnborough which is held on the "even" years (like next week :)).



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