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Northants Beds and Bucks Meeting - Weds 16th July


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Dear all,


Our monthly meeting will take place at the usual place and time next Wednesday:


7.30pm at The Old Swan, Astwood, MK16 9JS


I won't make it as I'm on holiday. The pub are expecting a decent turn out, similar to last month I hope. Have a good one....


Note - it is the Millwood BBQ this weekend, on Sunday 13th July. Although I can't make it, maybe this is the chance for a blat over from our area. Any takers?






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Lovey to meet you all tonight, hope all had safe journeys home *wavey*


I gave in and put the half hood on after about 5 miles down the road when the large spots of rain started to fall but it didn't really come to much despite the clouds threatening otherwise.


Looking forward to another relaxing Wednesday evening in a month's time *smile*


Matthew (Orange R400)

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Nice to meet you all again, I think we made a good call on the weather I got half way home before giving in an putting the half hood on as the rain closed in.


Hopefully see you all next month.


Mr P


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Good to meet everyone on Wednesday (our first club event since re-joining recently) and what a great pub! See you in August hopefully or perhaps at the Silverstone Classic next weekend. Tim and Susan
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