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rear view mirror


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Mine's too big, ooh err! Due to its size and weight, it's not that stable stuck to the screen and seems to be hanging by a wing and a prayer most of the time. On previous Sevens, I seem to remember a smaller and lighter weight version. Any idea what car that would come from?
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I wouldn't mind an answer to this as well. I've tried a stick-on one from Halfords, but it didn't seem to want to stick-on very long and over 30 the vibration made it useless. Got a sucker type; much more stable and smaller. Sucky thing broke, now it doesn't suck(or maybe it does)


Is there one that can be mounted to the frame in black. Only ones I've seen are chrome, and I'm a black pack chap.


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The Demon Tweeks mirror is 120mm wide. My current Halfords mirror is 160mm/ 180mm (at rest).


I've just been playing and I don't think 120mm will give me a field of view that fills the angle from my ear to over the left wing. How does that work on yours?





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Considered saving yourself the centre mirror? You only require one driver's side external mirror and one other mirror to be legal.


I removed mine from the 7 in 2007 and I haven't looked back since. ( hoho!)

Also stopped using centre mirror in everything else I drive (tilt it up to the headlining). Takes a short time to adjust but actually eventually inceases "mirror awareness".


Ever looked in the centre rear view mirror to find it blocked by a passenger's head, van bulkhead, luggage in the back, a car on a trailer, etc, then had to look again in one or both of the side mirrors? Wastes approx 1-2 sec of information acquisition and decision making time. I don't recalll any time where the side mirrors have be unavailable on demand.


The center mirror usually has to be used in conjunction with one or both of the external mirrors anyway to gain sufficient information. Using the side mirrors increases spatial perception and general all round observation.


Also in the 7 with lowered floors the scuttle mounted (aeroscreen) centre mirror occasionally blocks forward visibility, for example when going over the brow of a hill or hump.


Also saves weight and complexity.



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My local motor factors Bennets have special 'sticky' stuff for mirrors rather than the usual double sided tape or pads. This is far superior and not affected by heat. I cleaned back mine to the bare aluminium and used this stuff and it's been fine.
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Quoting nickh7: 
I use the standard mirror turned upside down and the back cut out to accommodate the arms new position. Its more stable and has the benefit of improving forward vision pictures here

Same here *thumbup*, plus I use a convex child view mirror (similar to this) in the bottom corners of the screen, instead of door mirrors (as I use wind deflectors a lot and can then fold up the doors easily).

The child ones are surprisingly good, and give a better view with no blind spot over the rear arches, than the standard door ones; and even work through the 'window' in the sidescreens when using those. They're only plastic so scratch easily, but cheap as chips to replace if necessary *wink*



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