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Tesla planning to shrink the UK!


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Good news for anyone planning a Lands End - John o'Groats epic, it's about to get a lot easier (according to The Guardian's review of the Tesla Model S, and Tesla's reported claims).


Either that or they have inside knowledge that Scotland will definitely vote to leave the UK.


Quoting the article: 
Tesla (are installing a) network of the company's proprietary superchargers which can rapidly charge the Tesla's batteries giving up to a 170 mile top up in 30 minutes and a full charge in 70 minutes


...so far, so good...


Quoting the article: 
Tesla says Model S owners will be able to drive the length of the UK with one 20-minute top up mid-way.


...um... *confused*


Let's be generous and think that if a 30 minute charge gives you 170 miles, 20 minutes gives you 130 miles. They say a charge "mid-way", thus implying a total trip of a mere 260 miles. Hmm. Tesla say "up to 312 miles range", so even if we put the "mid-way" bit down to poetic licence and assume a full charge before departure, apparently the whole of the UK is now only 440 miles "long".


Either this should lead to a whole batch of new LEJoG records, or it's a bunch of marketeering bobbins and by "the length of the UK" they actually mean "Dover to Berwick-upon-Tweed" and have conveniently forgotten Scotland exists.




Based on the 312 mile range, with suitable charging stops you'd be forgiven for thinking you genuinely could drive "the length of the UK" (LEJoG at least) with just two, 70-minute, charging stops, which you'd want to take anyway for personal and "sensible driving" reasons. If anything, that would be more impressive as a headline stat (IMHO).

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We have about 3 driving around our small town (somewhere between Brussels en Liege), including someone across the street.

If I could afford it, I'd love it. Maybe the next one, Model X

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