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Argentina vs Netherlands


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Quoting Z3MCJez: 
Don't tell the in-laws, but Argentina deserved that overall. A fully firing Germany will beat them though. A Germany that turned up against Algeria won't though.



If the Argies play against the Krauts as they did tonight they could make the Germans look quite ordinary. The Germans were good last night but the woeful Brazilian defence flattered them. The Argentine defence tonight was tight and closed Robben and van Persie out of most of the game. If they can repeat that with Muller and Klose then they stand a good chance of giving them a run for their money.

They will also have a large support in the crowd, though Germany will benefit from Brazilian support, along with the notably German population in Brazil.





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Are you talking about Kuyt ? Did seem strange but he played as a right "wing back" in the first half and was moved over to the left wing back position in the second half. I think he was moved over to stifle the Argentinian attack down their right as he is a great defender and has a huge work rate / stamina + Argentina seemed to be creating a lot of pressure in that area....the problem...as you noted, he never took them on down the left...always cut in.
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Kuyt is a player every coach would want in their squad. A striker who can defend, play wide in attack and on either side as a wing back. He has great stamina and energy, he always appears keen and enthusiastic. Possibly not really top flight in any single position but I get the impression that his work allows other players to play better because he appears to be very unselfish.
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