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Norfolk and Suffolk visit to Zenos Cars

Steve Wright

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Norfolk and Suffolk (Carrotland) members were treated to the highlight of the year so far when we visited Zenos Cars on Sunday.


The E10 show car now has new livery, Kawasaki Green and Black and it looks stunning. There were two Evaluation Prototypes being built, bare bones showing what superb engineering is going into the car. We were very impressed with design philosophy. Robust, backbone up, with easily replaced body panels coming almost as an afterthought but looking great. It really does look good in the flesh. TCO being an integral part of the design.


The car looks as though it will be an immediate hit with, if I recall correctly, 68 deposits already taken. Launch edition is something of a bargain.


Many thanks to Ansar, Mark and the rest of the team who welcomed us with coffee and biscuits, a detailed overview of the design principals and close look at the cars. Superb BBQ at lunchtime and big screen TV to watch the British Grand Prix live. It doesn't get better than that! Pierson organised a flutter on best F1 lap time. The money was split 50/50 with NTL and the closest lap time. The winner, Malcolm (Mac) Powell promptly donated his winnings to Prostate Cancer Research (Good man).


What a day! Thanks again.


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Totally endorse your comments Steve, an excellent day and I have to say I think they could well be onto a winner with that car *thumbup*

It could be Chapmans vision all over again.


Thanks again to you and Pierson for organising the day.



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It was a real pleasure and we are glad Carrotland enjoyed the day - we certainly did. BBQ went down well and I eyed plenty of takers for second rounds! *biggrin* Great to see our car park full of Sevens - happy memories. Happy to host again if there are more takers! All the best from all at Zenos
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Quoting Devil's Advocate: 
I didn't think we were supposed to mention other makes on here. Something to with a complaint from an Ansar Ali at Caterham Cars? *rolleyes*



Was kind of thinking that... imagine if Porsche or Atom had invited a load of us along to one of their product launches... crikey he would have blown a fuse or 5 😬 😬

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