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WTD : Mileage Reset Button - Caterham Speedo


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I'm after a mileage reset button which appears to have fallen off my clocks.


Here's a picture of the clocks I have in my 2001 Road Sport.




Anyone got anything in the garage? Beer tokens waiting.


Edited by - Barkalarr on 8 Jul 2014 15:25:37

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Mine went the same way, as do quite a few others. Replacing it appears to be quite a job as the rubber goes well behind the glass and the gauge casing is crimped and effectively sealed. After investigating various other possibilities, in the end I ran a razor blade around it along the glass the turn the ragged edge into a nice neat cut-off, and left it at that.


PS: I keep looking out for a little black bead that might fit on the end of the brass rod but not seen anything suitable yet.


Edited by - revilla on 8 Jul 2014 16:46:00

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Problem is you can't easily remove the part of the rubber that is behind the glass, so anything you do put on the end needs to be short as it can't slide into the gauge when you press the button as the old rubber gets in the way IYSWIM.
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Are they rubber ?

I was under the impression it was just plastic ??


Does anyone have a picture of a good one so I can see what I'm after ??

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