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Anyone want an old Honeywell CH controller ?

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Having just had a sexy new Hive controller fitted by British Gas *thumbup* ...


... we have the old Honeywell controller surplus to requirements.


Before I recycle it ..... anyone have a use for it ?


Battery back up. LCD display. Two channels .. CH and HW


Photo available if you send me a BlatMail with your e.mail address typed in the body of the message.

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What do you think of the Hive? I keep getting prompted by them about it but I don't have friends who have had it fitted yet?

If you're in the house,do you have to use an app or are there physical controls on it too?


There seems to be an lot of companies getting into this market in quite a rush now, I've seen the Owl offering which is somewhat related to their solar PV monitoring.



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Massive huge thumbs up *thumbup* *thumbup* for Hive.


If you're in the house, you can use the front panel (wireless) which is also the thermostat. My install simply replaced the old wired thermostat with the new box.




The latest software/app update contains some geo-location functions so it will turn heating on as you roll towards home, or prompt to turn it off if you wish. Feature can be disabled.

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Glad you are liking it Ian, it does seen to be popular. *smile*

They are selling like hot cakes at the moment. I'm not on commission as such as I only fit them but happy to offer any advice or get a quote through the post to anyone. Currently £199 inc vat fitted. Available in single Chanel (combi boiler) or dual Chanel (tank based system) if there is enough interest I will ask about further discounts but I am a very small cog in a large wheel. *wink*

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There is (was, when I did mine) some sort of discount if a BG engineer who you might already know 'happens to be on site' for other reasons and upsells a Hive system (which he also happens to have in the van).


The only negative point I have is that when loading the app on the phone or iPad, it takes 10 seconds or so to contact the controller (via the 3rd party) and retrieve the status. During that time the whole thing is frozen, you can't move around the app. Common complaint and I expect them to resolve it in the next year.


Edit to add: They also don't handle multi-zone stuff too well - you would probably be able to replace only one of the zones, if you have a big house like that you're probably in the big toys market anyway so go Honeywell *tongue*


The controller I had before this had dubious logic and would 'flap' on and off when the temperature was on the tipping point. This one contains all sorts of smart stuff to avoid all that, and I'm sure will save me a few ££ for that reason alone.


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Quoting Hodsonpe: 
There seems to be an lot of companies getting into this market in quite a rush now...
Lots of rumours that Apple are about to join in. I'm not so sure: you have to handle a lot of diversity and play nicely with a lot of other companies in this area.



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Had to return to one hive that I had fitted as the lady of the house said the heating was unreliable.

After a few questions it became apparent that her husband was monitoring & controlling the heating from his office in London. *rolleyes*

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