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Jonathan Kay

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I've got an invitation to give a talk in Melbourne in February 2016. Advice please, including:


* Recommended routes from London to Melbourne.


* Suggestions for airlines. (Previous good experiences with Singapore Airlines.) I'm going to see if the organisers will offer two "Premium economy" seats instead.


* Walking holidays that can be reached from Melbourne, or in Tasmania. So far I'm looking at the Great Ocean Walk.





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Good stuff.


Whenever I've flown to Australia on holiday, I've always used Singapore Airlines (economy - boo!). However I think all the SE Asia airlines are similar in standards now (Singapore, Thai Air, Malaysian Airlines & Cathay Pacific). Could a deciding factor be a if you want to do a 1-2 day stopover somewhere on the way there (or back)?


If you end up going out in Melbourne, I always liked Melbourne Supper Club for a drink, although I have not been there for a few years. They do some very good wine *thumbup*

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Jonathan there arent many airlines that offer premium economy seats to Australia .

Those that do ( BA being one ) are expensive .


I booked last week and got business class on Etihad for £1k more than premium on BA .Worth it in my opinion .


Currently booking details for the trip ( next Easter ) including walking in Tasmania .Will be going with a friend who lived in Melbourne for 10 years so should get all the local tips . *cool*

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Hi Jonathan


Happy to help and guide you. I'll BM you my contact details and happy to have a chat on the phone.


A few summary points to your questions.


Route/airline - Emirates via Dubai, Ethihad via Abu Dhabi, Qantas via Singapore as a 1,2,3


If you're into Hiking/serious walking then Victoria OK but I would urge you to go to Tassie. (gods own country). Mountains, Bush, Beach, Wildlife and a serious lack of population. Or depending on time of year, your timetable and you if want to be adventurous then New South Wales or Queensland to do some Bush hiking, but I would suggest a guide.


As offered feel free to call me, Blat mail on way



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We went to Melbourne in 2013 on the way back from NZ and took in the GP which was great. All flights were with Quantas who, I have to say from our experience, were brilliant.

We did Melbourne back to the UK with a stop off in Singapore, but I have no reason to doubt that the opposite way wouldn't be just as good. Also the Quantas multi city web site at the time was by far the best, user friendly and the prices were very competitive.

Try Agoda for accomodation, we did and all worked well.

Hope this helps


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I went about a month ago, first time with work on such a long trip.


BA to HK, Cathay from HK to Melbourne. 5 hr stop over which was fine as there was time to shower, eat and have a wander around. Both business class. Nothing to complain about on either flight...but I was more impressed with CP than BA...alhough I did go on the BA A380 which was good & quiet (upstairs seat).


I had 5 days in Sydney as well and flew back on the direct BA flight (Sydney - Singapore - LHR) which was good as it was the fastest route home.

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Thanks again, and for the private messages. much appreciated.

Flew out Heathrow to Dubai to Melbourne with Qantas. The hosts swapped my bed for two seats in Premium Economy upstairs in an A380. Very quiet, lots of space and quite comfortable. Arrived 30min early.

Stayed at the Hilton South Wharf. Very efficient but they asked me to give two bonus talks and I was working most of the time. Walked the F1 circuit.

Then train and coach to Apollo Bay to set off on the Great Ocean Walk. I'll put more in the Great Walks thread but the walking was on good trails and not too hard, but some long days. First four days were a bit hot for me, which isn't unusual. All organised by Auswalk, who were very helpful during the planning and the holiday. 

Some seafood I haven't eaten before, including gummy shark, flathead tails... and I need to work out what Portland Bay bugs are.

Now sitting at Melbourne Airport, waiting to fly back.


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We're just back from a comparable trip...  Flew out same route and same section last month (the Premium Economy seats on the A380 are well worth the extra spend)

We had a few days with friends in Melbourne and drove round the F1 circuit before taking a week to drive, via the Blue Mountains, to Sydney and flew home from there having done all the touristy bits, including climbing the harbour bridge (awesome!)

A great part of the world.

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I have done several trips in the last few years ( one of the kids is now an Aussie !) but the bargain was a year ago when I bought business class on Air India !!

Brand new Dreamliner with full flat beds. Crew were great, food not the best for the class but good, inflight entertainment left a lot to be desired. 

I flew on Xmas day and only decided to go with 2 weeks notice so never the cheapest deal but it was around £2300 !! in January the same seats were £2000.

The return was also via Delhi and a hotel required. It was airside and it was perfect....

Melbourne is nice and Tasmania a must do.


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