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CSR260 stiff 5th and 6th gears


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any ideas?


I frequently have to double clutch to get it to engage into 5th and 6th as it meets also complete resistance first attempt.


New MTL didn't make any difference.


Also noticed the throw on the gear shift from centre is less to the right than to the left, not sure if that is of any significance.





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The old oil was dark grey when it came out - I reckon it had probably been in since new in 06 and done circa 14K. Was getting to the point where 5th and 6th were almost impossible to engage without double clutching - new oil in - took it around the block didn't feel any real difference - took it out for a much longer spin and it all freed up. Good stuff but anything may have made a vast improvement over the dirty stuff that came out. Motto - don't believe those who say "don't worry about the gearbox oil, it will be fine".
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