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Barcelona airport near miss

Guy Lowe

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Assuming you have clearance to cross a live runway it is still important ( extremely important) to have a bit of a look around & see if anyone else is using it........

A small brown trouser moment.

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Personally *wink* when I caught up with him I would have given the RH seat pilot a good twat with my flight case just to remind him to have a look out of the window BEFORE crossing a live runway.

If that didn't work then the Captain would get one as well 🙆🏻

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Oh, I'm not saying it wasn't close, or concerning. Just that it's more dramatic due to the foreshortening. And absolutely the pilot did the right thing.



I've landed at Van Nuys airport Los Angeles in a Cessna and on approach could clearly see a private jet being towed across the runway. I'm sure if a camera had been at the end of the runway a dramatic near miss shot could have resulted.


On a side note, a company I worked for had a Cessna Citation biz jet. We called it the 'Near Jet' as it wasn't quite a Lear. 😬 (fast though)




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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love having the best seat in the house when there's a pilot brain fart.

Aerolinas crew should be flogged for that but they won't. Very little happens TBH, maybe a stern talking to and that depends on how strongly the airline views it. I'd be a bit harsh on the crew of the UtAir 767 too, they initiated the missed approach later than they should have (for whatever reason), as far as I'm concerned, once the front of the Aerolinas crossed the holding point/stop bar, the runway became blocked so the missed app should have occurred sooner.


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