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Zetec to quaife 5 SPD HD gearbox

Nigel Riches

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Well, today's little inconvenience is how to make the sexy Quaife gearbox (thanks Catastrada) fit to the 2l alloy b/h, as there is a plate on the front face of the gearbox to support the layshaft bearing, but there is no provision to accommodate this on the face of the b/h.

I have spent several fruitless hours, reading all sorts of drivel on the interweb, but none seem to address this problem.

So, in the collected wisdom of Blatchat, surely someone has fitted a Quaife 5 SPD to Zetec, how did you do it?

OK, before people start telling of gearbox spacer plates and so on, I am running a short input shaft, and have elected to NOT re-arrange the front chassis tubes to allow the engine to be fitted as a plug and play x-flow replacement, (don't ask, it's a long tale) so the engine is 1 inch back from the regular Zetec replacement position.

I have been looking up general engineering companies who might be able machine out a suitable relief for the layshaft support.

However there must be a suitable b/h available somewhere, but I have not found it.

Just another facet to the sparkling, spangley puzzle, called Zetec install, done the hard way.

Any responses gratefully received.

Regards, Nigel.


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Can't you do it your self ? mark the position with a suitable dia. hole saw then place a dremel bit in a pillar drill and take the material out or go to a machine shop to have the material taken out. Or even drill trough the bell with a hole saw.
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By nature, the layshaft of the Quaife gearkit requires there to be a plate on the front to support the bearing, so I don't think you can do away with it in order to fit your current bellhousing without modification.


I am going in the opposite direction with my gearbox/bellhousing, in that my bellhousing has a cutout for the layshaft support but my gearbox doesn't. I'd go with Elie's suggestion. Use a gearbox gasket (here) to mark up the cutout and either DiY or ask a machine shop to mill out an appropriate recess. Surely cheaper than replacing the bellhousing?


I'm sure I have a couple of new gearbox gaskets I can send you to use if you've not got one.

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Thank you Gentlemen.


I have found some metal cutting hole saws at work, the gearbox and B/H went with me this morning.


Will do some measuring, need to figure out the distance between centres of the main and lay shaft, 73mm seems to ring a bell from a previous thread here.


Mankee, thanks for your kind offer of a gasket, fortunately I have made several from a sheet of gasket paper, to a pattern of a Henry original.


Flog on rewardless.


Regards, Nigel.

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All fixed now, thank you.

Just had to carry out some measurements, go and grovel to the custodian of the holesaws, book some time at the pillar drill, and hope it all came together.

Well it did, real chuffed, got to celebrate the small advances, as there so many more hurdles to overcome.

Once again, thanks one and all, flog on rewardless.

Regards, Nigel.

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