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Selling a 7 but not privately


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Evening all,


Looks like my Crossflow may have to depart the fleet. With 11 month old twins it is just not getting the use.


Don't want the hassle of a private sale - as such who is buying? Car is on a P plate ('96?).


Bugatti blue, long cockpit, clams, 1.7 Crossflow breathed on by Roger King, removeable momo, fia roll bar, minilites, fire extinguisher in passenger footwell, race gel battery, etc.


Any thoughts on price?

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1996 crossflow, clams....history/mileage? Leather interior (or not)?


If in good nick with history (and the RK engine) I reckon you should get between £8k and £9k trade but expect it to be on the forecourt between £11995 and £12995.


At a guess.... *rolleyes*

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